Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinballing #2 - Gas Attack!

In theory, Grossology is an educational, traveling exhibit whose purpose is to educate children about biology and various biological functions through a series of interactive exhibits and whimsical animatronic characters.  However, in practice, Grossology is an orgy of terror populated by the most disturbing robotic creatures to ever haunt your nightmares.

Creatures like this:

And this:

Why do I bring this up?  They had a pretty cool pinball machine.  Made by Stern Pinball,"Gas Attack!" is a lesson about digestion in pinball form (yes, I think those are supposed to be intestines on the side of the machine):

Points seem to be accumulated based on the gas inducing potential of various food items.  It's also worth noting that it semeed to be made to be played for free as a part of the exhibit and was very popular with the kids there (who weren't crying and screaming in terror at the robots).

I caught the exhibit during my recent trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History but check their site to see if the madness is coming to your neighborhood.

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